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KISS All-In-One (XVM)
Size: 210 MB
Grandpa’s Custom Icons
Size: 63 MB
Grandpa’s Damage and Hitlog (No XVM)
Size: 5 MB
KISS Crosshairs
Grandpa’s KISS Contour Icon Collection

Latest Downloads

German Heavy Tank Remodels
German Medium Tank Remodels
German Light Tank Remodel


Sweden Tank Skins
Russian Heavy
Size: 200 MB
German Tank Destroyer
Size: 190 MB


German Heavy Tank Remodels
German Medium Tank Remodels
German Light Tank Remodel

This site consists mostly of modifications and custom skins for the electronic game World of Tanks. Browse around the site and hopefully find something you like and can use. I upload a some of my mods to the Curse site and  Grandpa’s Stuff on Yandex Disk:  I am posting some downloads on Yandex Disk.  This allows those not in NA a better download speed and if my site is down, then there are some items there.

If you are seeking assistance with a modification or a skin, please use the forum (primary resource) or comments for that page. Also any recommendations or comments in general are welcome.


Updates and answers to comments may not always be timely.  I am retired and travel in my RV (Caravan) extensively, especially during the summer months in the US. Sometimes I am out of contact via the internet, or the quality of the internet in the RV park is poor.  As soon as possible, I will update the mods and answer email and comments.

This is a hobby.  Making mods for these games gives me something to do in my spare time and makes the games less boring. I do appreciate any donations as they help defray my beer costs at the local brewpub.  If you like you can also gift me in World of Tanks, on NA server my nick is arasgrandpa, on EU it is Blackhawk1947.

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2 Responses to Welcome to Grandpa’s E-Wargaming Site

  1. Budyx69 says:

    Hi Arasgrandpa,

    the Custom Icon files is from 10.07.2019 without poland Crew. can you please update?

    • arasgrandpa says:

      Updated today, file date should be 7/21 or today. Will get another update in a day or so woth Polish tank camo but I am travelling so updates are slower than usual and most on Yandex Disk are most current

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