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News and Updates

KISS 1.0 Updates

Latest update 3/22/2018 .. Updates and information are listed below... NOTICE: If updating from an older version, please DELETE all the old files first, then install ...
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KISS All-In-One and XVM Updates

The current version is for:
  • Game Version: 1.0.0
  • XVM Version: 7.5.0
Now ONE download.  The download contains all files for a complete Battle Interface ...
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World of Tanks 1.0

Power outage, then internet wouldn't come back up.  All fixed now and as soon as I can get the game updated, I will do some ...
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World of Warplanes Updates

Latest update 3/15/2018, see finding aids and update information below. For download go to the Grandpa's World of Warplanes page or select the menu item ...
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How to Find Downloads

To find links to Remodel and Custom Skins use the navigation tips below. You can also check out the storage area on Yandex Disk. Remodels are stored by Nation and Custom Skins are stored by Nation/Type (Class).

There are various methods to navigate the site:

  • Use the MENU on the left to access and search for a remodel, custom skin, or game mod.
  • Use the DOWNLOAD option on the Top Menu
  • There are Popular Downloads and Recent Downloads listed on the Right sidebar
  • GRANDPA’S BLOG will have a list of articles, the majority on remodels or skins
  • Last, but not least, the SEARCH function
Grandpa's Latest Posts

WoWP Improved Fonts

/ WoWP Mods

All Aircraft Custom Skins

For images go to the individual pages for that nation Custom Skins by Nation American Aircraft British Aircraft China Aircraft ...
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French Aircraft Custom Skins

Some skins will have a separate post and download link.  Others will just have an image in the imgur album ...
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/ French Planes, World of Warships

Popular Downloads

KISS All-In-One (XVM)
Size: 210 MB
Grandpa’s Custom Icons
Size: 63 MB
Grandpa’s Content Mods – Trains (Railway)

This site consists mostly of modifications and custom skins for the electronic games World of Tanks, World of Planes, and World of Warships. Browse around the site and hopefully find something you like and can use.  This is a hobby.  Making mods for these games gives me something to do in my spare time and makes the games less boring. I do appreciate any donations as they help defray my beer costs at the local brewpub.  If you like you can also gift me in World of Tanks, on NA server my nick is arasgrandpa, on EU it is Blackhawk1947.

If you are seeking assistance with a modification or a skin, please use the Bug Repots – Changes on the top menu (primary resource) or comments for that page. Also any recommendations or comments in general are welcome.